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Baku Baku X2 1.0.0

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Baku Baku X2 is a remake of Baku Baku X, an original clone of Baku Baku, started from scratch. The game is much more stable and skins are fully supported at run time.


  • 2 to 8 players (4 human max).
  • Skins.
  • Eating 100% works.
  • custom soundtracks.

User Guide:

Playing more than 2 players will shrink the game boards, it can be a bit hard to see the bnoards playing 8 player. It's usually helpful to play with a dark background (and a big TV).

Custom Skin

If you want to make your own skin, look in the default skin directory. Every graphics can be altered through skinning, the config file consists of:

  • First line has the filename of preview image.
  • Every othe line contains a number and a filename. The number represents the texture to change and the filename the new texture should be located at.

You can alter as many or as little graphics as you want. Texture id 110 to 120 are reserved for backgrounds, so if you want to put in your own backgrounds thats where you want to do it (it'll record how many your skin has automatically).


A - Select

D-Pad/Left-Stick - Movement

Right-Stick Left/Right - Change background

X - Play a random song in current soundtrack

Y - Change soundtrack (game, or custom soundtracks)

B - Play/Pause current song

Right-Stick Up/Down - Music volume

White/Black - Cycle through songs

Back - Enable/Disable music change info (when the music change pop up appears)



Thanks to Entropy Music http://www.entropymusic.com/ for allowing me to include the track Tremors in the game. If you like it go check out his other songs on the site.

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