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  • Lightwish01 Brings Sonic Nexus to the Original Xbox with RSDKv1 Port


    In an exciting development for retro gaming fans, Daniel Pinheiro, who previously ported Celeste Classic to the original Xbox, has now successfully brought Sonic Nexus, a fan game, to the same platform. This marks the beginning of a series of ports that Pinheiro plans to undertake using different versions of the Retro Engine.

    Pinheiro's journey began with the desire to port Sonic Mania to the original Xbox, a task that requires extensive experience with porting games. Opting to build his skills gradually, he started with Celeste Classic, learning valuable lessons that paved the way for more complex projects. His latest achievement, the RSDKv1 port, demonstrates his growing expertise and commitment to bringing beloved games to classic hardware.

    Sonic Nexus was developed using the first version of the Retro Engine, and its port to the original Xbox not only allows players to enjoy the game on classic hardware but also sets the stage for future ports. Pinheiro plans to continue this series by tackling subsequent versions of the Retro Engine, which include Sonic CD 2011, Sonic 1 and 2 from 2013, and ultimately Sonic Mania.

    For those interested in exploring or contributing to this port, the project is open source and available on GitHub at https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/RSDKv1-xbox . This initiative not only breathes new life into classic games but also ensures they remain accessible on platforms beloved by the gaming community.

    Pinheiro's efforts are a testament to the passion and dedication prevalent within the retro gaming scene, and his upcoming projects are eagerly anticipated by fans eager to revisit their favorite Sonic games on the original Xbox.
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