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  • Cerbios Boot Animation- XMV Player 1.1


    In a recent release, Team Cerbios has introduced an update to their innovative Bootanim XMV Player 1.1. XMV Player 1.1 is a unique video player designed to activate during console boot-up, allowing users to personalize their boot animation with their preferred video.

    **What's New in V1.1?**

    1. **Configuration Support**: The new version now offers enhanced configurability, enabling a more tailored user experience.
    2. **Calibration Feature**: Users can now choose to enable or disable the blue screen, adding to the customization options.
    3. **Jukebox Feature**: Keeping things fresh, the jukebox feature will randomly pick any XMV from the designated jukebox folder for a varied boot animation experience.
    4. **Improved Error Handling**: BootAnim V1.1 provides error messages for common issues, ensuring a smoother user experience.
    5. **Updated Default Video**: The default "bootanim.xmv" video has been replaced, giving users a refreshed default option.

    Team Cerbios continues to impress with its dedication to enhancing the console boot experience. The latest version, V1.1, is a testament to their commitment to user customization and functionality. Stay tuned for more updates from this dynamic team!

    Original News Source : https://xbins.org/nfo.php?file=xboxnfo2478.nfo

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