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PC Apps & Utils: Xbe Shortcut Maker

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Xbe Shortcut Maker

XBE Shortcut Maker 2.0

Xbe Shortcut Maker is a PC program used to generate an XBE shortcut, similar to a .lnk file on PC. The most common use for this is to install your dashboard somewhere besides the 😄 drive, and just have a single XBE shortcut on the 😄 drive which points to the dashboard, or to launch XBMC/CoinOPS.

Using V2.0 is recommended as V1.0 requires an older version of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Note that if you are redirecting the dashboard that loads up on boot, if something goes wrong and you are on a softmod, you will need to hook your hard drive up to a PC and use an EEPROM backup to fix it. If you are on a hardmod, you can use an installer disc such as Hexen to fix it.


Making a Shortcut

Upon launching the program, the parameter fields will be automatically 
filled with a shortcut to XBMC installed in the E:\apps\ folder. 

You can change the fields as desired and add your own custom image to it. 

**If you are redirecting your dashboard, it is highly recommended to back 
up the old dashboard XBE in case something goes wrong**.

- Target Path: 
  The XBE you want the shortcut to launch

- Title Name: 
  The name displayed if the shortcut is shown in a menu (such as a games list)

- Title ID: 
  The ID of the game. 
  This only needs to be changed to something unique if it will be in a folder 
  that has two XBEs with the same title ID (such as if you had Halo 2 and 
  Halo 2: Custom Edition mods next to each other)

- Default title image: 
   The shortcut will use whatever your dashboard's default image is for an 
   app/game when viewed in a menu

- Custom title image: 
   Allows you to choose an image to be displayed when viewed in a menu

- Create Shortcut: 
   Prompts you for a name to save the shortcut. If you are redirecting the 
   dashboard at bootup, ensure that you name it the same as whatever XBE is 
   in your C drive (such as evoxdash.xbe).    



Supports command line input for both the exe and to be passed to the xbe.
Completely rewritten in c/mfc - see About msg for usage/details.

Xbe params were developed for and tested by Carcharius specifically for 
use with Quake 3 mods. Should also work with Xport emulators which take 
passed in params to launch a specified rom. See emu for param details.



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