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Xbox Dashboard DVD Region Free Patch Disc 1.04

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About This File

xboxdash dvd region free patch disc v1.04

patchdisc by modrobert
dashboard hacking by sylver
ApplyPPF v3.0 by =Icarus/Paradox=

A xboxdash dvd region free patch disc bootable directly in any modded xbox.
The disc is fully automated and can be used to quickly switch between original
and patched m$ dasboard, good for xbox live users.

Whats new:
Added support for dashboard 5960 rev 185a6100.

The disc is based on a fast and very powerful "mini Linux ram disk dist" which
boots in less than 10sec (not counting xbox splash screen). All patch data
provided by sylver from his excellent 'xboxdash dvd region free patcher v1.04'
for Windows. The patch tool used is ApplyPPF v3.0 (Linux) by =Icarus/Paradox=.
All ppf3 patches features "undo data" to provide a slick restore function when
needed. The only file touched by this tool is 'xboxdash.xbe' on your hd system
partition (C:), no backup files needed for restore function.

Supported original m$ dashboards:
- 3944
- 4034
- 4817
- 4920 rev 10027100
- 4920 rev 1012a700
- 5659 rev 17e4cd00
- 5659 rev 17f14d00
- 5960 rev 185a6100

Zip file includes an .iso ready to burn on dvdr or cdrw. Use Nero (win) or
cdrecord (unix) to burn and make sure the disc is finalized (fixated/session
closed). Boot the disc in your xbox. Progress is displayed on screen.

Affected file: C:xboxdash.xbe

If a supported original m$ dasboard is found; the dasboard is patched to make
dvd region free. If a previously patched m$ dashboard is found; the dasboard is
restored to original state where dvd is region protected.

Here is the disc "switch" procedure explained:

* boot disc
* found original dashboard
* do dvd region free patching
* don't use xbox live!

...maybe you watch some dvd movies now 🙂

* boot disc
* found patched dashboard
* restore dashboard to original state
* ok to use xbox live

...maybe you turn off modchip and play xbox live now 🙂

If you get "* matching md5 128-bit checksum of [xboxdash.xbe]...failed" it
means your xboxdash.xbe is either missing or not a supported (new?) version.

For some reason Craxtion might fail reading the included iso since it was
created by 'mkisofs' (the mother of all iso tools) using UDF mode, heard
strange reports about this. On the other hand you don't need to use Craxtion,
just burn the iso image and boot in your xbox.


+ support for dashboard 5960
+ added 50mb dummy file

+ initial release
+ following sylver's release sequence
- no support for untested dashboard - 4627

Greetings fly to:
XanTium for posting this baby on xbins. 😉
xboxing for providing 5960 dashboard data.

Visit our website at http://www.eurasia.nu for news and updates.

Robert (aka modrobert)


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