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  • Zelda 3 Port for Original Xbox Released by Calistex


    In another development for original Xbox gaming enthusiasts, a new port of Zelda 3 has been released for the original Xbox. Ported By Calistex, this project marks their first attempt at porting on the Xbox. 

    The port is based on an older version of https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/zelda3 and lacks some updates from the most recent iterations found in the original repository. Despite these omissions, the core gameplay remains intact, allowing players to dive back into the beloved world of Zelda on their classic Xbox consoles.

    However, users should be aware of several known issues:

    • Intermittent audio failures at the start of the game.
    • Absence of certain features present in the latest repository updates.
    • Screen misalignment when adjusting the ExtendedAspectRatio to 4:3 via the zelda3.ini file.

    The port was developed using the NXDK toolchain. Interested users can clone and contribute to the project from GitHub using the provided repository link https://github.com/Calistex/zelda3-xbox

    Disclaimer: Users must own the original Zelda 3 game and provide their own game assets in order to use this port.





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