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  • Hawk: A Modern Take on Xbox Live Communicator by Ryzee119


    The Hawk project, spearheaded by developer Ryzee119, breathes new life into the Xbox gaming experience by introducing an open-source replacement for the Microsoft Xbox Live Communicator.

    This innovative device maintains all original functionalities but includes significant upgrades like a 3.5mm TRRS jack to support a broader range of headsets and replaces the traditional volume wheel with a more modern button-controlled interface, where volume levels are indicated by the brightness of an LED.

    The device is designed for easy integration into Xbox controllers and includes features such as button-activated volume control, mute, and microphone gain adjustment, all with corresponding LED signals. Users can save their settings directly on the device, with the option to reset to default settings as needed.

    For DIY enthusiasts, Hawk offers detailed assembly and programming instructions through resources like Kitspace and KiCanvas, and it supports programming via USB DFU or an ST-Link interface.

    For more information on assembly, programming, and usage, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the Hawk project's comprehensive guide on GitHub.

    Explore the Hawk project on GitHub.


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