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  • Cerbios Releases New Custom BIOS V2.3.2 HD Alpha with HD+ Support (For Testing & Bug Reporting)


    The Cerbios team has just announced a new Release: version V2.3.2 HD Alpha This release marks a significant step forward, especially for those interested in the HD+ hardware mod.

    Key Features and Developments:

    • Initial Support for HD+ Hardware Mod: This version adds support for the HD+ mod.

    • Release of the ElpisHD App: Accompanying this BIOS update is the ElpisHD app. This tool is essential for controlling the HD+ features integrated into Cerbios. Users should place the ElpisHD folder in the root of their C:\ drive for default location and run Default.Xbe to configure settings.

    However, it's important to note that this release is still in its alpha stage. The team emphasizes that this build is a public alpha test version and not intended for regular, daily use. As with any alpha release, users should be prepared for potential bugs, some of which may have been overlooked or inadvertently introduced during the integration of the HD+ mod support.

    Community Collaboration and Testing Phase:

    The Cerbios team is calling on the community for collaboration in this crucial phase. User participation in testing and providing feedback is vital to progress to an official beta release. This collaborative effort is essential to ensure the stability and functionality of the final product.

    Important Notes:

    • The ElpisHD app is necessary for changing settings on the HD+ and works exclusively with Cerbios.
    • The source code will be released once testing is complete, and an official beta version with HD support is announced.

    Get Involved:

    The Cerbios team encourages all users to contribute to their testing efforts. Report your test results, bugs, or any other feedback in their Discord room. Your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated by the entire Original Xbox community.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the beta release and further enhancements to this free bios.



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