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  • Celeste Classic Now Ported to the Original Xbox


    Fans of the classic platformer Celeste Classic have a new way to enjoy the game, thanks to a recent port to the original Xbox. This version was made possible by Daniel Pinheiro, who used the NXDK, an open-source development kit for the console.

    Originally created by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, Celeste Classic gained popularity on the PICO-8 platform for its challenging gameplay and touching story. Its success led to the development of an expanded version, simply called Celeste, which was celebrated for its depth and narrative.

    The move to bring Celeste Classic to the original Xbox allows new and old players alike to experience the game on a classic console. This project, led by Pinheiro, shows the dedication of the gaming community to keep beloved games accessible and enjoyable on a wide range of platforms.

    The port is open source and can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/ccleste-xbox. This allows anyone interested in the game or in game development to see how it was done and even contribute to its ongoing improvement.

    Bringing Celeste Classic to the original Xbox is a nod to the past and a step towards preserving the game's legacy. It offers players a unique way to experience the game, combining nostalgia with the timeless charm of Celeste Classic.

    Video credit: PkGam (via YouTube)



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