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  • Announcing PrometheOS: A replacement Open-Source OS for Xenium based mods.


    Team Cerbios and Team Resurgent are excited to introduce the Official Trailer for PrometheOS, a new open-source operating system designed for all Xenium-based mod chips in the original Xbox.

    **Key current Features of PrometheOS:**

    - **Multi-Bank Functions:** Effortlessly switch between different bios images.
    - **LED Support:** Assign custom colors to each bios bank for enhanced visual feedback.
    - **Web UI:** Access a user-friendly interface from any web-enabled device for simplified bios management.
    - **FTP Support:** Facilitate easy file transfers between the Xbox and other devices.
    - **Skin Support:** Customize the OS interface to reflect your personal style.
    - **HDD Lock/Unlock Support:** Gain the ability to lock or unlock the hard drive, tethering it to a specific console.
    - **EEPROM Backup/Restore Feature:** Ability to backup and restore your EEPROM.

    **A Community-Driven Initiative:**

    PrometheOS is a collaborative achievement between Team Resurgent, Team Cerbios, and the dedicated Xbox modding community.


    PrometheOS will be available for download, ensuring compatibility with all versions of the original Xbox equipped with a Xenium-based mod chip.

    **For Those Interested in Getting Started:**

    If you're eager to try out PrometheOS and are in need of an affordable chip or external programmer, you can purchase a Xenium-ICE v3.0 & Programmer directly from NeMesiS/XeniumMods. Visit their eBay store at
    https://www.ebay.com.au/str/xeniummods for more information.


    **Special Thanks:**

    Our gratitude goes to NeMesiS / XeniumMods for providing prototype Xeniums, programming hardware, and essential feedback and testing which helped greatly in making PrometheOS a reality.

    A shoutout to Ryzee119 for the invaluable Xenium-Tools, facilitating the flashing of the new OS via your xbox. (https://github.com/Ryzee119/Xenium-Tools) and the work towards making the original OpenXenium.

    Stay tuned for ETA & more updates on this exciting development by the Xbox scene community!

    Please watch the official trailer and show some ❤️ to all those who contributed and worked towards making this a reality.


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